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Corporate reporting

We publish a range of reports about our activities. Browse our corporate plan, annual reports, budget statements, senate order listings, Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosures and Information Publication Scheme (IPS).

Our corporate documents explain how we work and what we do. They also help to make our processes and decisions more transparent to the Australian public.

  • Annual reports
    Annual reports describe our activities and achievements for each financial year.
  • Budget statements
    Budget statements and fact sheets provide information on how we will use our allocated funds each financial year.
  • Corporate plan
    Health’s corporate plan is our primary planning document for each four-year period. We update it each year to set out our goals, and the strategies we will use to achieve them.
  • Freedom of information (FOI)
    Our FOI page lets you make an FOI request and lists the documents we have released in response to FOI requests.
  • Information Publication Scheme (IPS)
    We want to give people as much information as we can under the IPS, and make sure it’s accessible. Our IPS page lists the information we undertake to publish.
  • Senate order listings
    These lists are required by Senate orders. They help to make our appointments and vacancies, contracts, files and grants transparent.

You can also report to us:

  • Make a public interest disclosure
    Current and former public officials can make a disclosure about suspected wrongdoing in the department.
  • Report suspected fraud
    By reporting suspected fraud, you can help us keep our system fair for service providers and consumers. Fraud adds to the cost of health care which is paid for by taxpayers.
Last updated: 
5 June 2019