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What we do

The department plays a major role in implementing the Government's long-term national health plan.


At the Department of Health, we lead the Government’s agenda for health and aged care reform, and for sports policy. We deliver the Government’s long-term national health plan, which is based on:

  • Medicare and access to medicines
  • supporting hospitals
  • prioritising mental and preventive health
  • investing in medical research.


  • provide advice to government
  • deliver and lead health and aged care reform
  • lead, shape and fund policy, programs and research
  • regulate health and aged care products and services
  • inform Australians about key public health activities
  • support and partner with state and territory governments, non-government organisations and private businesses.

To deliver outcomes, we work with a range of people including:

  • patients, consumers, families and communities
  • health and aged care providers
  • health service organisations
  • industry and sectors such as pharmaceutical, private health and research
  • state and territory governments
  • non-government organisations and private entities
  • other groups, including peak bodies, professional bodies and advocacy groups.


Policy work is our core business. Our policy supports frontline health, aged care and sport service delivery for all Australians.

Initiatives, programs and services

Our initiatives, programs and services improve health, aged care and sport outcomes for Australians.   

Regulation and compliance

Our high quality health system requires regulation and compliance to protect and enhance your health and safety.


We use research to make sure our ideas are sound, to deliver the services that you need, and to provide and keep a high standard of service.

Awareness and education

We promote key public health initiatives and campaigns and provide a range of information to support the health of all Australians.

Tenders and grants

We manage many tenders and grants for activities that look after your health. Our tenders and grants page lists current opportunities.

Corporate information

Our corporate information page lists the documents that explain what we do and how we do it, such as our corporate plan.

Consultation and engagement

We rely on strong stakeholder connections and community engagement to deliver our health, aged care and sport agenda. You will find more information on our consultation and engagement page.

Last updated: 
30 November 2017