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Consultation and engagement

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders help us to understand the health, aged care and sport needs of our communities.

Our stakeholders are people who are interested in delivering better health and aged care for Australians. They can be individuals or groups or organisations and include:

  • peak bodies
  • non-government organisations
  • the health care industry
  • health professionals
  • the public
  • other Commonwealth, state and territory government departments and agencies.

Agreements and MOUs

Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) allow us to work with other organisations to develop better policies, initiatives, programs and services for you. We form agreements and MOUs, a special type of agreement between organisations. We use MOUs to agree, and work out how to achieve, shared goals with our stakeholders.

Committees and groups

We use committees and groups to work on special topics or issues. These committees and groups often include the special expertise of our stakeholders to help us to achieve our goals. Our committees can report to the Minister for Health.


Your input into our consultations helps us to better understand the problems we are trying solve, the type of help you need and the services you want to receive. Our Consultation Hub will help you find, share and participate in consultations that may interest you.

You can search by keyword, interest or status. Past consultations are under Closed Consultations.


We use forums to help us to openly discuss topics of interest. Our forums bring together government, experts and other stakeholders. They help us to understand the needs of our stakeholders when we are planning future work.


We work with many outside agencies, groups or organisations. These partnerships help us to achieve good health outcomes for the Australian government and the people in our communities.

Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Our Stakeholder Engagement Framework is what we use to:

  • commit to working  with our stakeholders
  • listen to our stakeholder needs and learn how best to respond to them
  • continue to improve our performance.

Working with industry and professionals

We know that we don’t have expertise on every subject. Professionals and industry stakeholders offer their expertise and experience to our committees, forums and partnerships. They help us to deliver high quality health care policies, programs and services.

International engagement

We also have a strong international focus. To protect the health of Australians, we work with other countries to respond to emerging health and aged care issues. This includes:

  • participating in international forums
  • sharing knowledge
  • learning from the experiences of other countries
  • helping to strengthen health systems of developing nations at the regional and global level.


Last updated: 
21 December 2017