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Corporate information

We produce corporate information that explains how we work and what we do. We divide our corporate information into several topics.

Corporate plan

Each year, we produce a corporate plan that sets out our vision, purpose and agenda.

It includes details how we will work to achieve better health for all Australians.

Budget statement

Our Health Portfolio Budget Statement describes how we will use our funds. The statement links our funds to the work we will achieve during the year.

Annual report

We produce our annual report each year. It describes the department's activities and our achievements for the financial year.

Departmental contracts (Senate order listing)

We publish information about all contracts worth more than $100,000. This information is in our Senate order listings each year.

Department records

We publish a list of the departmental records that we create every six months. This includes records created by our portfolio agencies.

Freedom of Information

You can use Freedom of Information to ask for access to the department’s documents.

Reporting suspected fraud

We are serious about fraud control and prevention across the department. You can report to us any concerns you have about our programs or business.

Last updated: 
21 December 2017