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Initiatives, programs and services

A range of initiatives, programs and services deliver the Government’s health, aged care and sport agenda.

Initiatives and programs

We use initiatives and programs to manage how we fund, deliver, monitor and regulate our services and activities. We are responsible for how these will work and we usually work with other organisations to deliver them. These organisations can be part of government or professional individuals or groups. Our initiatives and programs always include a plan for evaluating how well the services are delivered and for improving our services as we gain new information. They follow all relevant legislation and regulation.

See our initiatives and programs page for a list of these activities.


Our services can include advice, education, information and many different types of care. These can help you with all aspects of health, aged care and sport in your life.

We fund, monitor and regulate these services to make sure they are high quality and deliver what you need. We work closely with state and territory governments, health professionals and organisations with health responsibilities, to deliver the services you need.

See our services page for a list of these activities.

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21 December 2017