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Our achievements in medical and health research are recognised world-wide.

We use research, evaluation and data to make our policy, initiatives, programs and services as high quality as possible. We do research in-house, and with other government departments, individuals and professional and academic organisations.

We fund, both directly and through other organisations, research into many areas of health, aged care and sport. See our tenders and grants page for more information.

The research we fund and use can take many forms. It can be reports, statistics, data analysis.

Research is a critical part of how we develop policy. It helps us to better understand:

  • our problems and issues
  • the particular circumstances of who the problem or issue affects
  • how severe a problem or issue is.

This information helps us to refine the policy so that it will have the most benefit.

We also use research to monitor and evaluate our initiatives, programs and services and to regulate our areas of responsibility. This gives us information about whether these activities are doing what they should, how they could be improved, or if we should stop them.

We fund, coordinate and deliver our research in a number of ways, through the:

Last updated: 
21 December 2017