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Getting vaccinated

Health professionals

Find information that will help you deliver your service to your patients

Want to get vaccinated but not sure where to start? Follow our six steps:

  1. Check immunisation history
    If you’re not sure what vaccines you or your child have received, you can request an immunisation history statement from the national registers.
  2. Book an appointment
    You can book an appointment to get vaccinated through a range of providers, including your local GP.
  3. Prepare for your visit
    Tips on how to prepare for your own or your child’s vaccination to make it less stressful.
  4. During your visit
    During your visit, your vaccination provider will ask questions about your own or your child’s health to make sure vaccinations are safe.
  5. After your visit
    Sometimes you may experience mild reactions from vaccines, such as pain at the injection site, a rash or a fever. Find out what to look out for and what you should do if you’re worried.
  6. Get immunisation reminders
    Don’t forget when your vaccinations are due. Smartphone reminder apps are a great way to manage your or your child’s vaccination schedule.
Last updated: 
13 December 2017