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Immunisation for work

Health professionals

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Working in certain jobs and industries poses a greater risk of getting and/or transmitting some diseases. Many of these can be prevented by vaccination.

Jobs that have a greater risk of getting and/or transmitting a disease preventable by vaccination include:

  • healthcare workers, including trainees and students
  • people who look after children
  • carers of people with intellectual disabilities or older people
  • people who work in laboratories
  • people who work with or are in contact with animals
  • anyone exposed to human tissue, blood, body fluids or sewage
  • people who work in emergency and essential services.

If you work in any of these jobs, speak to your employer or doctor about which vaccines may be recommended for you.

For staff and volunteers of Australian Government subsidised residential aged care services, the approved provider must offer a free flu vaccination on an annual basis. 



Last updated: 
1 August 2018