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Make a quit plan

Steps to make a quit plan

Finding your own strategy for quitting is important. Different methods suit different people.

Using all the information you've gathered so far, now you can make a record of what you plan to do.

Record your plan

You can use one of these online tools or templates to record your plan, or make your own:

Follow these steps to make a personal quit plan:

  1. Set a quit date — some time in the next 2 weeks will give you time to prepare. Add it to your calendar as a reminder.
  2. Write down why you want to quit — you can use these reasons to remind yourself why you're doing this.
  3. Prepare to deal with cravings and withdrawal — talk to your doctor about the different methods you can use.
  4. List your smoking triggers — the situations, habits and feelings that make you want to reach for a cigarette. Plan how to deal with these and stay in control.
  5. Make your home and car 'smoke-free zones' — lighters, spare packs of cigarettes ... they all need to go.
  6. Choose your methods — tell your friends and family that you're quitting, phone the Quitline when you need some encouragement, join an online community.
  7. Download the My QuitBuddy or Quit for You – Quit for Two app.

Next step

You're on your way! But quitting can be hard. Find out how to cope with quitting and stay smoke-free.

Last updated: 
2 April 2019