What we’re funding

$18.1 million over 4 years to reduce avoidable hospitalisations.

Desired outcomes

The purpose of this research funding is to:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • reduce the number of avoidable hospitalisations.

Key elements

This program will support preventive health, behavioural economics and implementation science research to:

  • reduce avoidable hospitalisations
  • improve the prevention and management of chronic and complex health conditions.

Why it’s important

  • There are many drivers of hospital admissions. These include chronic and complex diseases, acute medical conditions, mental health problems, palliative care and drug and alcohol use. Of these, chronic diseases, especially poorly managed chronic conditions, are key factors to high rates of hospital admission and readmission.
  • Hospitalisation from these chronic conditions may be prevented through better self-management, enhanced coordinated care, effective care models, lifestyle changes or timely effective care at home.

How to apply

Further updates on the program and how to apply will be provided throughout 2018. You may wish to register on GrantConnect to ensure you are alerted to all grant opportunities.

Last updated: 
28 August 2018