What we’re funding

$39.8 million over 4 years to support research that addresses specific health system questions and provides opportunities to explore consumer-driven research.

Desired outcomes

The purpose of this research funding is to:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • improve the use of evidence-based treatments.

Key elements

This program will:

  • focus on the comparative effectiveness of health services
  • address areas of practice with low or insubstantial evidence
  • provide opportunities for exploring consumer-driven research.

Why it’s important

  • Gaps in knowledge and evidence present a major barrier to the delivery of effective, safe and cost-effective health care for individuals and at the population level. The effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of many routinely used interventions are not known and/or not proven. These uncertainties impact on clinical decision making, funding decisions and ultimately health outcomes.

How to apply

Further updates on the program and how to apply will be provided throughout 2018. You may wish to register on GrantConnect to ensure you are alerted to all grant opportunities.

Last updated: 
28 August 2018