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3 May 2018

Annual vaccination is the most effective way of reducing the impact of the flu in the community, especially in residential aged care facilities.

12 April 2018

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation is consulting with stakeholders on proposed changes to meningococcal and Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccination recommendations for inclusion in the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

11 April 2018

Vaccination against flu is the best way to protect you and your children from flu and any associated illness.

13 February 2018

Coverage rates amongst Australian children continue to improve with five year old children having the highest coverage rates in history. 94% of Australian five year olds and over 96% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 5 year old are now fully vaccinated.

27 September 2017

The Australian Government is committed to immunisation and to ensuring Australia has the best possible vaccination program underpinned by sound evidence and effective vaccines.

5 October 2016

There is now a free vaccine for shingles available for people 70 years old. A free catch up is also available for 71 to 79 year olds.

15 February 2016

A national immunisation coverage target provides a goal against which Australia can measure its immunisation coverage. The Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020 encourages countries to demonstrate a commitment to immunisation.

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