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Corporate Plan 2018-2019

Our management of risk

We continue to build our risk culture and awareness around the management of risks. 

The department maintains its critical role in providing high quality, evidence-based advice to the Government on how we can continue to improve health outcomes for all Australians, now and for future generations. 

Work is ongoing on our risk management framework, with regular updates to our Risk Management Policy, Enterprise Risk Appetite Statement and Enterprise Level Risks. Providing practical and relevant guidance to staff on engaging with risk is a key priority for us. Our Risk Management Policy aligns with both the Risk Management International Standard and the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy. 

Our risk management framework is designed to mature as our environment and requirements of the department change, allowing the department to be responsive and contemporary to today’s needs. It is currently focused on building risk management capability. This includes developing a risk management training program, and embedding the management of risk into key business processes by using risk management as a business improvement tool. As well, we will continue to confidently identify, manage and implement new practices to deliver on our purpose and key initiatives.

Last updated: 
20 November 2018