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Publication date: 
9 November 2016
Last updated: 
31 July 2018
Publication type: 
Policy Statement
Intended audience: 
General public

The Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 20162018 are the inaugural priorities for the MRFF. These Priorities were developed by the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board and must be taken in consideration by Government when making funding decisions.

The current MRFF Priorities are:

Strategic and international horizons

  • antimicrobial resistance
  • international collaborative research
  • disruptive technologies

Data and infrastructure

  • clinical quality registries
  • national data management study
  • MRFF infrastructure and evaluation
  • communicable disease control 

Health services and systems

  • National Institute of Research
  • building evidence in primary care
  • behavioural economics application
  • drug effectiveness and repurposing

Capacity and collaboration

  • National infrastructure sharing scheme
  • Industry exchange fellowships
  • Clinical researcher fellowships

Trials and translation

  • Clinical trial network
  • Public good demonstration trials
  • Targeted translation topics


  • Research incubator hubs
  • Biomedical translation