Department of Health Annual Report 2016-17 - Cover

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Full report

The 2016–17 Department of Health Annual Report is available in PDF format to accurately reflect the printed original. In addition to the full report, each part is provided below a separate low-resolution PDF to ensure maximum download time. File sizes are noted.

Preliminary Pages

This part includes the Contents, Letter of Transmittal, Secretary’s Review, Chief Medical Officer’s Report and Chief Operating Officer’s Report.

Part 1.1 Department Overview

This part includes our vision, purpose, strategic priorities, capabilities, values and behaviours, portfolio structure and ministerial changes.

Part 1.2 Executive

This part includes short biographies and photos of our executive.

Part 1.3: Structure Chart

This part includes our structure chart as at 30 June 2017.

Part 1.4: Ministerial Responsibilities

This part lists the responsibilities of the Minister for Health and Sport, the Minister for Aged Care and Indigenous Health, and the Assistant Minister for Health.

Part 1.5: Department-Specific Outcomes

This part lists the Department's 6 outcomes and the programs that are managed under each outcome.

Part 1.6: Portfolio Entity-Specific Outcomes

This part details the outcome for each of the 17 entities in the Health Portfolio.

Part 2.1: 2016–17 Annual Performance Statements

This part introduces the Annual Performance Statements and outlines the results key used in the statements. The statements are made up of 6 chapters that focus on each of our outcomes.

Outcome 1: Health System Policy, Design and Innovation

The Annual Performance Statement for Outcome 1.

Outcome 2: Health Access and Support Services

The Annual Performance Statement for Outcome 2.

Outcome 3: Sport and Recreation

The Annual Performance Statement for Outcome 3.

Outcome 4: Individual Health Benefits

The Annual Performance Statement for Outcome 4.

Outcome 5: Regulation, Safety and Protection

The Annual Performance Statement for Outcome 5.

Outcome 6: Ageing and Aged Care

The Annual Performance Statement for Outcome 6.

Part 2.2: Entity Resource Statement

Table showing actual available appropriation, payments made and balance remaining in 2016–17.

Part 3.1: Corporate Governance

This part includes information about senior governance committees, organisational planning, the Strategic Intent, the Corporate Plan and risk management.

Part 3.2: People

This part includes information about the Department's People Strategy, organisational performance, workforce composition, salary ranges, capability, culture and career and succession.

Part 3.3: Financial Management

This part includes information on financial accountability responsibilities, how we manage our assets, procurement and grants.

Part 3.4: External Scrutiny and Compliance

This part includes information about audits, parliamentary scrutiny, work health and safety and advertising and market research.

Part 4: Financial Statements

This part includes the Financial Statements Process, Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements.

Appendix 1: Processes Leading to PBAC Consideration — Annual Report for 2016–17

This is the eighth annual report to Parliament on the processes leading to the consideration by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) of application for recommendation for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) listings.

Appendix 2: Report from the Director of the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme on the operation of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is a statutory scheme established under the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989.

Appendix 3: Australian National Preventive Health Agency Financial Statements

Essential functions of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA) transferred to the Department of Health from 1 July 2014.

Navigation Aids

This part includes the List of Requirements, acronyms and abbreviations, glossary and index.

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Publication date: 
13 October 2017
Last updated: 
11 October 2018
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General public

As the primary mechanism of accountability to the Parliament of Australia, this report has been prepared in accordance with the mandatory requirements for content of annual reports as prescribed by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 (PGPA Rule) in sections 17AA to 17AJ in Subdivision A — Annual report for non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

As required under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, this report contains the Department of Health’s Annual Performance Statements for 2016–17. The Annual Performance Statements details results achieved against the planned performance criteria set out in the 2016–17 Health Portfolio Budget Statements, the Department of Health 2016–17 Corporate Plan and the 2016–17 Health Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements.