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Have you heard of the human papillomavirus, or HPV?

It’s a common, contagious virus

that affects both males and females.

It spreads by sexual contact

and can cause genital warts, cervical cancer, as well as cancers of the vulva, vagina, anus, penis and throat area.

Infections can be serious. But there is a way to protect yourself –

the new HPV vaccine, Gardasil®9.

It safely and effectively provides protection against a range of cancers and diseases caused by nine types of HPV.

And getting vaccinated it easy.

All it takes is two simple injections

for boys and girls aged approximately 12-13 years

given to you at school over 6-12 months.

Why two doses?

Because you need two doses to get the best possible protection.

Your school will give you more information about the vaccine

as well as a consent form

that you will need to get signed by your parent or guardian.

If you miss a dose, speak to you GP

or immunisation provider about how you can catch up.

Talk to them about what you need to do.

So look out for more info

and talk to you parent or guardian!

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All students aged approximately 12 and 13 will be offered a new HPV vaccine (Gardasil®9) for free in schools as part of the National Immunisation Program. This short animated video explains to students the benefits of getting the improved vaccine, and the process of how the vaccine is administered.