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When you’re pregnant, everything you do is for two.

You’re sleeping for two.

Breathing for two.

Everything you do is for you and for your baby.

So when you choose to quit smoking and get the toxins out of your system you’re not just quitting for you — you’re quitting for two.

You’ll improve the oxygen flow around your body and to your baby. You’re lowering the risk of miscarriage and serious health problems for your baby.

And because it’s twice as important to get the help you need, Quitline has people to support you, whether you’re already pregnant or planning to be.

There’s even a free app packed with games and baby fun to get you through the cravings.

Phone Quitline today and ask about ‘Quit for you. Quit for two’

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This video talks about the health benefits for women who are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, of quitting smoking. It mentions the Quitline and the Quit for You – Quit for Two app.