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Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2018-2020

This evaluation report on phase two of the Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign assesses the campaign impact against its awareness, attitudinal and intentional objectives.

Immunisation coverage rates for 1 and 5-year-olds has increased since 2007. We have reached the target of 95% for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 5-year-olds.

Immunisation coverage for 1 and 5-year-olds has increased since 2008. We have not reached the target of 95% yet but we are close.

This report describes our work to deliver the Government's long term national health plan in the financial year ending 30 June 2018. It includes information about our reforms, operations, budget, governance and performance.

This communique summarises the outcomes of the inaugural meeting of the Million Minds Mission Advisory Panel.

Our listings of approved grants as required by Senate Order 16 — Departmental and agency grants.

Our listings of contracts worth $100,000 or more entered into in the last 12 months as required by Senate Order 13 — Entity contracts.

Our appointments and vacancies listings as required by Senate Order 15 — Departmental and agency appointments and vacancies.

This plan outlines the processes we follow and the steps involved in managing our information and making it available online.